How To Clip In Hair Extensions ?

It is normal for many young women to feel concerned or unsure about hair growth, as few people know about it.  In any case, after carefully reading this post and watching the video for yourself, you’ll see how easy it is to turn your hair into long, voluminous strands in a few minutes without damaging your hair.  Doesn’t that seem perfect?

 Step 1: brush your hair

 Start by completely brushing your own hair with a delicate oar brush to remove tangles.

 Step 2: start with a 3-clip shot

 Part a thin and straight hair segment with your finger or a brush at the nape of your neck and hold the rest of the hair tight with a bra.  Take a shot with 3 clips and brush it before cutting it into your hair.  Start at the base and go up the property to get rid of the tangles.

 Step 3: take a smaller frame with 4 clips

 Roll out a thin, straight area of ​​hair about an inch above the weft of the main cut and secure the rest of the hair with pliers.  This segment should be at the highest point of your ears.  Take the shot from 4 smaller clips (7 “). Brush it up from the bottom to make sure there are no clusters. At this point, measure the shot against the separate part to make sure it is there  it adapts perfectly to your head.

 Step 4: take a larger shot with 4 clips

 Part a thin, straight hair segment about an inch above the second weft cut and button the rest of the hair.  This segment should be at the widest part of your head.

 Take the larger shot with 4-pliers.  Brush and measure against your head to make sure it fits.  Close two pliers in the middle of the severed hair and cut the side pliers further.

 Step 5: take the frame with 3 clips

 Part a sparse and straight hair area around two hairs under your head and tie the rest of the hair together with a pair of pliers.

 Step 6: take the finishing clips from frame 2

 These are the shots that run along the sides of your hair.  They contain volume on the sides and make your hair constant in the front blend with the longest increases.

 Repeat on the other side.

 Step 7: take the pictures out of a clip frame

 Part a section of hair directly on the 2-pin weft and the rest of the hair.  Brush two 1-button wefts and hang them in a piece of hair as close to the roots as you’d reasonably expect, on the 2-button weft or wherever you need more mixing.

 Repeat a similar process on the other side of your head.

 Brush your hair and look in the mirror to make sure all shots are covered, especially on the back.  Switch when it matters and show off your new long, voluminous hair.

Gladys Ruiz