DJ and Artist Drops – The Artistic Tool For Your Craft!

Are you looking for a new twist on your favorite song? Looking to combine two of your favorite artists, and find a meld of their music that is even better than the original? Are you an artist yourself, but are looking for tools or clips to round out your entire collection? What you are searching for might just be known as artist drops or DJ Artist drops on commercial kings website.

What are these? Why are they such powerful tools in music creations? And where can you find them? The answers to these questions will be clearly and simply explained below. Let us consider them one at a time.

DJ Artist Drops – What Are They?

These are generally known to be short clips of famous and well-known artists. Sometimes the clips from famous songs that they have sung, or other times they can simply be clips of the celebrity saying something.

Then, when another artist is remixing a song, they can “drop” these short clips in to create, or disrupt, a steady flow within the song. They can be used to help identify the song or the original artist. And they provide a simple tool in the remixing process, to pay homage to the original song or artist.

DJ Artist Drops – Why Use Them In Your Art?

These small clips of sound can become powerful tools in the right hands. Iconic quotes from particular artists can be used to create a soulful and emotionally powerful moment in a song. Similarly, the artists who have famous or well-known voices can be used to create a tie to another song.

The clips can also be used repetitively or synchronized with other clips, to create an environment for the song to dwell in. It can place the listener in a specific frame of mind, so they receive the new music, or the remix, in a specific manner.

They can also be used to identify a song. Many remixes are purchased by the original artist, to be marketed and sold under their record label. So many of these artists like to have famous quotes from the original piece or the entirety of the lyrical composition placed somewhere in the new piece.

In all, these drops create an ambiance for the song to fall into, or to accent. They allow the artist to craft an entire world using powerful quotes that are blended seamlessly into their art. This makes using artist drops well art in itself.

DJ Artists Drops – Where Can You Find Them?

While many artists have the tools to pull artist drops from video clips on the Internet, or from the original musical piece in their own studio, the highest quality drops are usually purchased. These can be purchased online or on CDs from many online sources. The Internet abounds with sources that will sell you either specific clips or entire libraries of clips to use in your music.

Whether you want to use them to maintain the artistic style, to create a world for your listeners to be in, or simply to pay homage to a timeless artist, artist drops are a great tool to use!

Gladys Ruiz