How To Style Goatee

     The goatee mustache style is the ideal and easy exchange between a full fur and a mustache.  It’s an incredible search for people who like to keep going, and for those with mustache and mustache zones associated with it.

     Here are the steps to style Goatee.

     Step 1. Brush and cut your facial hair to 10 mm

     Tip: Use the 1-10 mm brush connection to cut down in steps of 0.5 mm

     Add the facial hair brush to your Braun BeardTrimmer.  At this point, cut the hair evenly on your neck, cheeks, or more lips.  Concentrate on cutting the jaw and mustache area as you venture in 0.5mm increments to ensure that its length is even across all facial hair and where you are happy.  

     Step 2. Eject the brush to characterize a drawing

     Tip: shape the hair on your face.  First neck, here the cheeks and upper lip

     Eject the brush and use the mustache cutter directly to characterize your goat face hairstyle.  Gradually cut from the neck to the edges of the jaw, then to the cheeks and upper lip until the ideal button diagram is achieved.  This course is associated with a cut around the facial hair before the entire structure is secured.

     Step 3. Shape your button with the precision trimmer

     Tip: Define in two steps and cut off the hairline endlessly

     We are currently going into details.  First cut hair from jaw to ear to get clean, decent lines on both sides of the pimple.  Use careful, slow and continuous movements.  If you cut off the hairline endlessly, you cannot accidentally shave off your mustache chart.  The easiest approach to achieve this is to use downtrends.  Take a closer look at the area where the two sides connect with the mustache and along the jaw.

     Step 4. Shave your clean face to highlight your pimple

     Tip: For a closer shave, use the included Gillette razor

     Below is an ideal opportunity to shave your neck, cheeks and facial structure.  For a smooth and smooth finish and shave, you can use the Gillette razor that comes with the Braun BeardTrimmer unit.  Prepare your skin by spraying hot water on it and applying a shaving cream.  At this point, shave with simple, regular movements against the development of your hair until the skin on the outside of your pimple is smooth and hairless.

     Step 5. Saturate and hold your goat’s whiskers

     Tip: using a normal hair conditioner for facial hair helps make it look good

     Wash your face and secure your skin with an alcohol-free cream to avoid dryness after shaving.  Now all you have to do is keep these potential stray hairs out, especially around your mustache area.