Apple Watch Tips & Tricks – The Basics

Switching on, off and Apple Watch restart

You can switch on and off your Apple Watch by long-pressing the second button. During the switch-off a familiar scrollbar will appear. A restart can only be performed by switching the unit off and on again. For more insight on how to find the best selection of designer Apple Watch bands, be sure to visit AWF.

Displaying a last used app

By double-clicking on the digital crown one can switch between clock and last used app.

How to display a last used app after a wake-up

One can normally wake up the unit showing the time with a wrist raise. If you want to see the last used app after a wake-up go to Apple Watch settings -> General -> Activate on Wrist Raise -> activate Last Used App. The same feature can be turned on in the Apple Watch iPhone app.

Swapping Apple Watch’s orientation for left-handed

AFor better comfort of left-handed Apple Watch can be flipped and worn on a right hand. To change the display orientation go to Apple Watch app on your iPhone and do following: My Watch -> General -> Watch Orientation.

How to hard-shut-down an app

If an app stops responding (freezes) you don’t need to restart your Apple Watch. Just long-press the second button until the charging options pop up then long-press the second button again.

How to hard-reset the Apple Watch

In case the Apple Watch freezes entirely one has hard-reset the unit by simultaneously pressing the digital crown and the second button for 10 seconds – a white Apple logo will appear. The restart will take several tens of seconds.

Look and feel

How to adjust the Apple Watch dial face

Press and hold the dial face and then click on Customize. Swipe right for display options that can be adjusted (those with rectangular markers). Click on the desired area and browse the particular options using the crown. If you prefer minimalist look – most of the items can be turned off.

How to reshuffle apps icons and how to delete the apps

The best way how to rearrange the icons on Apple Watch is by going (in the iPhone app): My Watch -> Layout. Click and hold an icon and move elsewhere. The icons can be reshuffled the same way as on an iPhone. And deleting an app works alike too – Long-press and a click on the cross will delete it.

How to make the font bold, increase font size and adjust display brightness

If you’re having trouble reading the default font you can try the bold font. In the iPhone app do this: General -> Accessibility -> Bold Text. Then you have to restart the unit. Within the same menu you can find options for font size and brightness. Keep in mind the the higher the brightness the more energy consumption.

How to reduce the user interface motion

In the iPhone app go: General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion.

In the iPhone app go: General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Transparency.

How to adjust Glances

Glances feature is used for displaying Activities, Map, Weather, Calendar, battery charge etc. Setting for Glances can be found in the iPhone app under Glances menu.

Gladys Ruiz